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Obstetrics & Gynacology Unit

Preventive Healthcare

At Ayushman Hospital, we have programme in both gynaecology and obstetrics, for prevention and early detection of disorders.


We offer comprehensive Ante-Natal checkup specially designed for mothers to be and fathers to be in preparing for the task ahead, both physically and psychologically.

Painless Labour

We offer pain relief in labour by Epidural Anesthesia. This procedure is undertaken by team of trained anesthetist and Obstetricious. Continuous Electronics Heart rate monitoring (CTG) is available to watch your baby's condition during children as per international standards.

High Risk Pregnancy

We have highly trained obstetricians to look after patients with high-risk pregnancies such as those with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, previous pregnancy losses, bad Obstetrical history and growth retarted babies and backed up by well equipped NICU.

Conventional Gynaecology

Our consultant Gynaecologist provide specialist medical as well as surgical management of all types of gynaecological problem i.e. Menstrual abnormalities, prolapse, fibroids and other tumours of the uterus and ovaries, tubal recanalistion by microsurgery and treatment of the infertile couple. High-risk surgical patients (such as those with high BP, heart disease etc) are cared for with special monitoring in the OT and then in the surgical and medical ICU. Menopausal women are card for in our menopause clinics with routine checkup.

Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic surgeries

State-of-the-art Gynaecological surgery is available to you at Ayushman Hospital for complete and safe treatment with world-class equipment and expertise in minimally invasive techniques. Our well trained surgeons can individually tailor almost all gynaecological operations to your need using this modern modality of surgery. Ectopic pregnancies, ovarian cysts and hysterectomies can be performed laparoscopically and with least pain to your body and early return to your daily activities using this "Key hole method" of advanced modern surgery.

Infertility Unit

• Facility for female infertility.

• Hysteroscopy and Caproscopy for dignosis and management of Endometriosis correction, tuboplasty, myomectomy, tubal recanalization.